Three unique wholesale brands that offer a complete lineup of fashion & eco-friendly eyewear for men, women and children.

Established 1982 - Blue Gem Sunglasses Inc. 

Established in 1982, our company rose from humble beginnings in Santa Barbara, California and has since embarked on a journey over the years supplying eyewear to local small businesses as well as some of the world’s top retailers. From day one, we have had one mission in mind, to provide our customers with quality products, competitive prices and unparalleled service. We are eyewear experts who are dedicated and passionate about our business.

We offer unique programs and packages to fit any retailer’s needs in addition to a comprehensive array of the latest in fashion eyewear for men, women and children.

Price point: Low

Featuring trending & timeless sunglasses for men, women and children.

Establised 2002- Design Line Readers

Design Line Readers began its experimental journey with Mardi Gras Readers. Today, amazingly, Mardi Gras is a collection that remains one of DL’s best sellers. At DL’s genesis, we had a special mission in mind: to offer quality reading eyewear that was both unique and outside the box, and to have a year-round product to add to our eyewear lines. Since 2002 we have gone from one collection to a sizeable division that serves both our home state of California, and some of the world’s top retailers. We are eyewear experts dedicated to our customers and passionate about our business!

Price Point: Low

Featuring timeless readers for men & women.

Established 2009- Blue Planet Eyewear

Simply put, our company makes eyewear that is socially responsible with values that matter. Every day, we are in awe of our natural environment, and of our families and friends, which keeps us pushing the boundaries of change. Our goals are straightforward: to help protect the planet, change lives and have fun. Inspired by our Santa Barbara, California roots, we design and make classic, eco-friendly eyewear that is unique yet essential. The very first Blue Planet Eyewear collections were made with recycled and reclaimed materials and since then, we have successfully incorporated natural materials such as bamboo, wood and cork.

Price point: Med

Featuring unique & timeless eco-friendly sunglasses and readers. With every pair sold, we will donate a pair of glasses to a person in need. #VisualizeChange